What would the ekklesia look like today?

Over two thousand years ago Jesus declared that He would build His ekklesia.

Because of King James' interference, the Body of Christ has followed a trajectory completely different from what Jesus envisioned.

Now more and more believers are discovering that what Jesus said, and what we have become are different. Like you, many are taking the journey to leave the system known as the church, to become the Lord's ekklesia.

This course, THE 21st Century Ekklesia will help you navigate this journey!


Includes following videos and downloadable study notes

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Leaving Church Becoming Ekklesia

LEAVING CHURCH BECOMING EKKLESIA is a highly rated and sought after book on the subject of ekklesia. In its easy to read format, it outlines the facts surrounding ekklesia from historical, etymogical and most importantly biblical evidence. This is a must have book in your study library.

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